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Learning Communities

Metaphor for LC’s:

  • There’s a reason pineapple trees don’t grow in Virginia. The cultural environmental climate can’t support it.
  • But va has fruit bearing trees.
  • In fact, in every climate of the United States, there are fryit bearing trees of different kinds.
  • The problem with many training practices is they put their fruit in your soil and expect it to grow.
  • But what if it won’t grow in your soil? What if a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work in your context?
  • A Learning Community is the process where together, we work together to figure out what unique fruit bearing tree will grow in your cultural context to bear fruit of leadership, discipleship and mission that will oddly remind you of what you read happening in the book of Acts.

Learning Community stuff:

  • Ecclesiological/Missional paradigm shift (some of the CT stuff)
    • 3 convictions
    • Saturation
  • Leader and Team Readyness/Health (GiANT stuff)
  • Discipleship
    • Tie back to convictions
    • Define/Process/Measure
    • Normal vs Exception: What should be normal?
    • How we learn: Info/Apprent/Immersion
    • Native Discipleship Language
    • Vehicles for discipleship: Huddle/MC
  • Missional Communities
    • practical nuts-and-bolts
    • Persons of Peace
  • Multiplying Leaders
    • Leadership pipeline
  • Scattered + Gathered Systems
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